Anything less than "i love you" is lying.

Obsessed, Depressed, at the same time.

Caty Malik-Styles
10 June
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Hi, I'm Caty. I obsess and flail over celebrities more than the average person, also I love to read. I usually just post either my fanfiction, icons, graphics for a landcomms, etc here or the occasional ranty angsty post when I'm pissed off. I'm a music and film major, with a minor in english and classics, so do with that what you will. I've been playing football since I was 2 so, I talk about that a bunch too. The following celebrities are my favorites, well some of them.

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Diarren and Penguin, made by the flawless dashuzza

This is Adam, I love him with all my heart, you're just jealous

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